KICK A.S.S. Strategy Session (Value $297)

Hi!  Thank you for taking the next step to booking your complimentary 30 minute call with Twila Kaye, Leading Success Coach & Business Growth Expert.  Because of the limited amount of calls per month that are available, only qualified applicants will be contacted to receive an invite to book time with Twila.  Please note that these calls are reserved for entrepreneurs who are serious about coaching and doing the work to grow their business.
*** On the call, we will evaluate where you are now, where you'd like to be in the enxt 30 to 60 days, what's standing in your way and one simple step to move you into action.
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Tell us about your business.  (What you do, who your customers/clients are, products & services you offer, and how long you've been doing this) *

What do you believe your BIGGEST challenge is in growing your business? *

How important is to you to get this (and other issues) solved immediately? *

How valuable would it be to receive at least one proven strategy to grow your business? *

Are you ready AND willing within the next 30 to 60 days to commit time, energy, and financial resources for coaching and support to create the results you want in your business? *

*** If you aren't interested in immediate solutions to grow your business, please skip this application and visit our website for other resources and programs.
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